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Morocco Matchplay

The Morocco Matchplay, powered by HowDidiDo, is back for it’s third year, and we are looking forward to hosting the grand final in the world-renowned city of Marrakech in February 2017.

Entries are now OPEN for this year’s tournament and will close on 19th June.

Thanks to everybody who competed in the 2015 Morocco Matchplay, powered by HowDidiDo, which culminated in a grand final at the at the five-star Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa hotel.

“I’m a competitive golfer and it’s a very competitive event throughout. You couldn’t ask for any more in the way the competition is run and organised; I don’t think we’d ever want anything more from any other competition than we get here. “- Garry Catt (two-time pairs winner)


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